Labour Unions consultation

Labour Unions

Labour Unions, the network of trade unions which affiliate to the Labour Party, is conducting a consultation on its future campaigning, and is inviting trade unionists to make suggestions for campaigns.

Free Our Unions encourages supporters, particularly those in Labour-affiliated unions (although members of non-affiliated unions can also participate), to respond to the consultation, and propose campaigning around the issue of anti-strike/anti-union legislation.

Supporters are welcome to use this model text in the “Do you have any other suggestions for us?” box:

Successive Labour Party conferences, and the TUC Congress, have passed policies calling for the abolition of anti-union and anti-union legislation, and supporting campaigning to achieve this. Labour Unions should campaign within the party for these policies to be acted on, as well as organising its own activity around this issue. This activityshould emphasise the need to scrap all anti-union/anti-strike legislation, not only the most recent, and replace it with positive legislation enshrining a full right to strike and organise at work.

Take part in the consultation here.

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