PCS conference reaffirms strong stance against anti-strike laws

The Annual Delegate Conference of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) has reaffirmed its strong stance against anti-strike laws. Motions passed by the conference recommitted the union to campaigning not only against proposed new laws, but against all legislation restricting workers’ rights to organise and strike. The article below is reposted from the PCSContinue reading “PCS conference reaffirms strong stance against anti-strike laws”

TUC calls emergency protest at Parliament- 6pm, 22 May

The TUC has called an emergency protest in Parliament Square at 6pm on Monday 22 May, when the Minimum Service Levels Bill is due for its next, and possibly final, Parliamentary reading and debate. Get down with your union banners! Free Our Unions will be distributing our latest briefing, and we’re planning a discussion/organising meetingContinue reading “TUC calls emergency protest at Parliament- 6pm, 22 May”

New Free Our Unions briefing

We’ve produced a new campaign briefing for activists to help them push inside their unions for a national demonstration against anti-strike laws. The briefing includes a model motion for union branches, the recent policy passed by the Fire Brigades Union Executive Committee calling for a national demonstration and defiance of the laws, and a discussionContinue reading “New Free Our Unions briefing”