Support the Bexley refuse workers – rally at Bexley Civic Offices, 21 July, 6pm!

Picture taken from the Justice for Refuse Workers and Cleansers Facebook pageUnite reports “heavy handed policing” of the strike by refuse workers in Bexley, South East London, over the living wage, pay progression and back pay. Unite’s Ruth Hydon says: “We want to be very clear to the police that their heavy-handed approach to aContinue reading “Support the Bexley refuse workers – rally at Bexley Civic Offices, 21 July, 6pm!”

Support Myanmar’s workers, striking for democracy

Free Our Unions salutes the struggle of workers in Myanmar for their rights and for democracy, and calls on the British labour movement to step up to support their fight. We note and urge others to note the central role being played there by a political general strike against the military coup and for democracy, the “Civil Disobedience Movement”.Continue reading “Support Myanmar’s workers, striking for democracy”

Free Our Unions public meeting, Tuesday 2 March, 6:30pm

CONFRONTING ANTI-UNION LAWS Tuesday 2 March, 6:30pm-8pm Log in via Zoom here. How have recent and ongoing workers’ struggles confronted restrictive anti-strike and anti-union legislation, and what effect would it have on those struggles if those restrictions were removed? We’ll hear from speakers involved in disputes and campaigns about how they’ve dealt with these issues,Continue reading “Free Our Unions public meeting, Tuesday 2 March, 6:30pm”

Overturn Shrewsbury convictions – and scrap today’s anti-strike laws!

The Free Our Unions campaign sends its full support to the trade unionists currently pursuing a Court of Appeal case to overturn their 1972 convictions for their role in a construction workers’ strike over pay and health and safety issues. The appellants are the 14 surviving members of the “Shrewsbury 24”. One of the long-runningContinue reading “Overturn Shrewsbury convictions – and scrap today’s anti-strike laws!”

UK union observers attend US trade union convention as it passes historic general strike resolution

By Daniel Randall, Assistant Chair, RMT Bakerloo branch Reposted from the RMT London Calling website Three activists from the RMT Bakerloo branch attended, via Zoom, the Saturday 21 November convention of the Vermont State Labour Council (AFL-CIO) as observers. The convention was attended by nearly 100 delegates and guests, from local union branches and campaign groups, asContinue reading “UK union observers attend US trade union convention as it passes historic general strike resolution”

Defend the right to picket during lockdown!

Free Our Unions opposes any attempt to use lockdown as a pretext for further restricting workers’ rights to organise and take action. Protests and pickets can be conducted safely, in appropriately distanced conditions. We support Unite’s judicial review, undertaken in defence of the right to picket, following police obstruction of a bus factory workers’ picketContinue reading “Defend the right to picket during lockdown!”

Solidarity with Glasgow bin workers!

Free Our Unions sends our solidarity to refuse workers in Glasgow, who struck on 8 September in defiance of draconian balloting restrictions. The action was sparked by an attempt by council bosses to unilaterally increase workers’ hours. Like many workers across the country, Glasgow bin workers have been working reduced hours during the pandemic toContinue reading “Solidarity with Glasgow bin workers!”