Labour’s manifesto and the right to strike: a welcome step forward, more to fight for

Published 23rd November 2019. In the general election, Free Our Unions is working to kick out the Tories and win a government led by Jeremy Corbyn. In the words of a Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack, a Labour government can “deliver a shift in power away from wealthy elites and towards workers. The ToriesContinue reading “Labour’s manifesto and the right to strike: a welcome step forward, more to fight for”

“Workers need the right to strike for climate justice”

Pubblished 9th September 2019. This is a joint statement between the UK Student Climate Network and the Free Our Unions campaign. If your organisation would like to support the statement, get in touch: email AND

The fight against climate catastrophe needs free trade unions

This article, by Daniel Randall, was originally published by Workers’ Liberty on 5th July 2019. Find it here. The call for a general strike against climate change, now gaining traction across much of the climate movement and taken up by prominent figures such as Greta Thurnberg, has a meaningful latent power. School climate strikers are callingContinue reading “The fight against climate catastrophe needs free trade unions”

How the Free Our Unions campaign has developed

Published 30th June 2019 In June the RMT became the third national union to back the Free Our Unions campaign, after the FBU and IWGB. Free Our Unions is a campaign The Clarion has been central to developing. This article explains what it is, how it has developed and what it has done so far.

Fight to free our unions

This article, by Riccardo La Torre and Sacha Ismail, was orginally published on the FBU website on 19th June 2019. Find it here. Anti-union laws, severely restricting the right to organise and take industrial action, are a barrier to workers defending their interests and building up the labour movement’s strength. All of them – fromContinue reading “Fight to free our unions”

Firefighters call for a Socialist Green New Deal

By Riccardo la Torre, Eastern Region FBU Secretary. Published 18th May 2019. The 2019 Fire Brigades Union conference has voted for a strong emergency motion of solidarity with the recent movements in response to the climate crisis and for a radical ‘Socialist Green New Deal’, in Britain and internationally.

“Our unions must free themselves from their chains” – speech by Justine Canady

Published 25th January 2018 On 23 January Bakers’ Union member Justine Canady led a workshop at a Fire Brigades Union training event for new reps on fighting the anti-trade union laws. This is what she said in her speech.

Firefighters support Free Our Unions campaign

Published 23rd January 2019 Eastern region FBU have voted to back the Free Our Unions statement. Firefighter and FBU regional secretary Riccardo La Torre said: In an industry that has faced over a decade of austerity and cuts, firefighters and fire control staff understand all to well the shackles that the anti-union laws place on us,Continue reading “Firefighters support Free Our Unions campaign”