New Free Our Unions briefing

We’ve produced a new campaign briefing for activists to help them push inside their unions for a national demonstration against anti-strike laws. The briefing includes a model motion for union branches, the recent policy passed by the Fire Brigades Union Executive Committee calling for a national demonstration and defiance of the laws, and a discussionContinue reading “New Free Our Unions briefing”

Scottish TUC to debate motions on fighting anti-strike laws

The upcoming congress of the Scottish TUC, which takes place from 17-19 April, will see delegates debate several motions on fighting anti-strike laws. These correctly call for the labour movement to fight for the repeal of all anti-union and anti-strike laws, and acknowledge the failure of 13 years of Labour government to make any dentContinue reading “Scottish TUC to debate motions on fighting anti-strike laws”

Don’t cross a picket line – join one!

Throughout the current strike wave, misinformation and disinformation has circulated – usually from employers, but sometimes from union officials too – about our rights in multi-union workplaces/industries where one or several, but not all, unions are striking. Some union officials have effectively instructed members to cross the picket lines of other unions.

After the mass strike and day of action: Free Our Unions open organising meeting, 7pm, 7 February

After the mass strike and TUC day of action against new anti-strike laws on 1 February, join us to discuss next steps in the fight against the Tories’ plans for new restrictions on the right to strike. Our next organising meeting, open to all supporters of the campaign, will take place on Tuesday 7 February, atContinue reading “After the mass strike and day of action: Free Our Unions open organising meeting, 7pm, 7 February”