Firefighters’ union calls for national demonstration and emergency TUC Congress to fight anti-strike bill: what next?

The call from the national Executive Council of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for new and escalated mobilisation to stop the government’s Minimum Service Levels (MSL) anti-strike bill is extremely welcome.

Scottish TUC to debate motions on fighting anti-strike laws

The upcoming congress of the Scottish TUC, which takes place from 17-19 April, will see delegates debate several motions on fighting anti-strike laws. These correctly call for the labour movement to fight for the repeal of all anti-union and anti-strike laws, and acknowledge the failure of 13 years of Labour government to make any dentContinue reading “Scottish TUC to debate motions on fighting anti-strike laws”

Discussion: The “Workers’ Bill of Rights” is welcome, but we need clarity and drive on right to strike

This discussion article was written by a Free Our Unions supporter. We welcome responses and further contributions. Email with submissions. At its event in London on 3 December, the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) called for comments on and responses to its new Workers’ Rights in Times of Crisis pamphlet and the “Workers’ BillContinue reading “Discussion: The “Workers’ Bill of Rights” is welcome, but we need clarity and drive on right to strike”

Discussion: unions must call national demo against new anti-strike laws

By a Free Our Unions supporter After months of mainly silence or bullish dismissiveness, unions have started to sound the alarm about the Tories’ new proposals for a “minimum service” law, and at least nod to the need for protest. Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack has called for a “mass movement of resistance”,Continue reading “Discussion: unions must call national demo against new anti-strike laws”

Unite to resist anti-union laws

Free Our Unions activists are looking forward to participating in the conference held on 3 February by the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom and Institute for Employment Rights. We encourage all supporters of our campaign to attend the conference if they can.

Starmer vs. workers’ struggle

By a Free Our Unions supporter With good reason, hundreds of thousands of labour movement activists feel contempt for Keir Starmer and little inclination to treat his pronouncements seriously. Nonetheless, it is an unfortunate fact that Starmer leads the only substantial political party based on the UK’s labour movement. When he uses pro-worker rhetoric –Continue reading “Starmer vs. workers’ struggle”

A general strike against anti-union laws?

This is a discussion article written by a Free Our Unions supporter, in a personal capacity. RMT general secretary Mick Lynch has suggested a general strike in response to Liz Truss’ threat of new anti-union laws. While the militant spirit is good, this does not bring much clarity about what we need to do. InContinue reading “A general strike against anti-union laws?”