UCU versus the anti-union laws

By a Cambridge UCU member The University and College Union (UCU) last week announced the results of two national ballots. Higher Education (HE) sector members were balloted on two disputes: the long-running “USS” pensions issue, and on the “Four Fights”: pay, workload, casualisation, and inequality. Pensions in HE have been systematically attacked over the pastContinue reading “UCU versus the anti-union laws”

Some critical notes on the “New Deal for Working People” Green Paper

A discussion article written by a supporter of Free Our Unions At the 2021 Labour conference a “New Deal for Working People” Green Paper was published by shadow secretary of state for employment rights Andy McDonald – who then resigned over the leadership’s opposition to a £15ph minimum wage and living-wage-level sick pay. The Green Paper is as good asContinue reading “Some critical notes on the “New Deal for Working People” Green Paper”

Mobilise Unite against the anti-union laws!

By Free Our Unions supporters in Unite We publish this article in a spirit of a debate and discussion. We welcome responses from other activists. During Unite’s recent general secretary election, Free Our Unions supporters in the union campaigned to raise the issue of the anti-union laws and the right to strike – primarily throughContinue reading “Mobilise Unite against the anti-union laws!”

VIDEO: Discussing anti-strike laws with the Green Party Trade Union Group

On Friday 20 August, Free Our Unions co-organiser Daniel Randall addressed the Green Party Trade Union Group’s monthly meeting. A video of Daniel’s presentation, and the subsequent discussion, is below. Scroll down for an edited transcript of Daniel’s opening speech. My name’s Daniel Randall, I’m a railway worker and a rep for the RMT union.Continue reading “VIDEO: Discussing anti-strike laws with the Green Party Trade Union Group”

Does a “New Deal for Workers” mean scrapping the Tories’ anti-union laws?

By Sacha Ismail On 1 May a “May Day manifesto” by John Hendy and Keith Ewing was published in the Morning Star, under the headline “A New Deal for Workers”. (Read it in text format here.) A New Deal for Workers is a slogan that has been used by the TUC and various unions, particularlyContinue reading “Does a “New Deal for Workers” mean scrapping the Tories’ anti-union laws?”

Solidarity strikes with NHS workers?

A contribution to discussion. Picture above shows NHS nurses in front of a union banner held by South Wales miner, on strike in solidarity to demand higher pay for NHS staff. Free Our Unions activists report discussions at work about supporting NHS workers’ pay demands, and colleagues saying they would be willing to strike in supportContinue reading “Solidarity strikes with NHS workers?”

Know your enemy!

A discussion paper written by right-wing lobbyist Nicholas Finney arguing for further restrictions on strikes, and discussing how these restrictions could work, has been uploaded to the Academia website. Although the paper is undated, and appears to be unfinished, it has clearly been written in the last few years, since the imposition of the 2016Continue reading “Know your enemy!”

A letter to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs

Dear comrades, We’re writing in response to your recent pamphlet Winning the Future: Socialist Responses to the Coronavirus Crisis. Well done on producing it – it’s a contribution to the urgent task of raising the labour movement’s ambitiousness and confidence in difficult times. In the spirit of your call for the pamphlet to be “widelyContinue reading “A letter to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs”

Labour policy on the anti-union laws: build back better!

By Sacha Ismail At a recent meeting organised by the Labour Representation Committee, I asked speaker Laura Pidcock, former shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights, about Labour’s policy on the right to strike during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. I asked why, in terms of scrapping anti-strike laws, the party generally limited itself to repealing theContinue reading “Labour policy on the anti-union laws: build back better!”