TUC agrees to organise a demo and conference to oppose anti-union laws

The annual congress of the TUC, which took place on 14-15 September, adopted a resolution proposed by the TUC Trades Councils conference, calling for renewed campaigning against anti-union laws, including a demonstration and a special conference for workplace reps. Free Our Unions strongly supports and welcomes this resolution, and looks forward to working with theContinue reading “TUC agrees to organise a demo and conference to oppose anti-union laws”

RMT disabled members say: repeal all anti-union laws!

The Disabled Members conference of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport workers (RMT) has passed a resolution reaffirming opposition to all anti-union and anti-strike laws, and resolving to work with Free Our Unions to campaign against them. See the report on the RMT London Transport Region website here. The resolution says: “We deploreContinue reading “RMT disabled members say: repeal all anti-union laws!”

Striking for Black Lives: Trade Unions and Political Strikes

This is a discussion piece from a supporter of our campaign. To contribute a response, or an article of your own, please email freeourunions@gmail.com. At the end of August, players in the US’s National Basketball Association effectively went on unofficial strike in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, sparked by the Milwaukee Bucks teamContinue reading “Striking for Black Lives: Trade Unions and Political Strikes”

Labour MPs, union leaders, and grassroots activists say: free our unions!

Our new campaign statement was launched on LabourList today, bringing together Labour MPs, union officials, and rank-and-file activists to demand trade union freedom and the right to strike. Explaining the motivation for organising the statement, Free Our Unions co-organiser Daniel Randall said: “The pandemic has reinforced how much of a barrier Britain’s anti-union and anti-strikeContinue reading “Labour MPs, union leaders, and grassroots activists say: free our unions!”

Solidarity with Glasgow bin workers!

Free Our Unions sends our solidarity to refuse workers in Glasgow, who struck on 8 September in defiance of draconian balloting restrictions. The action was sparked by an attempt by council bosses to unilaterally increase workers’ hours. Like many workers across the country, Glasgow bin workers have been working reduced hours during the pandemic toContinue reading “Solidarity with Glasgow bin workers!”

Labour NEC elections: fight for free trade unions and the right to strike!

The Labour left organisation Momentum recently emailed its membership to canvas ideas for policies that Momentum-backed candidates in the elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee, standing as part of the “Grassroots Voice” slate, should advocate. We publish a response, below, from Labour Party member and Momentum supporter Riccardo la Torre, National Officer of the FireContinue reading “Labour NEC elections: fight for free trade unions and the right to strike!”

The Tories still plan new anti-strike laws

In May, Bloomberg journalist Alex Morales asked Business Secretary Alok Sharma at the Downing Street press briefing whether, in light of government rhetoric about “working with unions” and valuing essential workers, the government still planned to bring forward new laws to restrict transport workers’ right to strike. We can only assume Sharma’s non-answer means “yes.”Continue reading “The Tories still plan new anti-strike laws”

Sign the solidarity statement: no to strike-breaking in Tower Hamlets!

TO ADD YOUR NAME, COMPLETE THE GOOGLE FORM HERE. On 3, 6 and 7 July, thousands of Tower Hamlets council workers are striking to stop the council’s “Tower Rewards” plan to sack its entire workforce and re-employ them on worse terms and conditions. This attack on the workers is bad enough. But on 3 JulyContinue reading “Sign the solidarity statement: no to strike-breaking in Tower Hamlets!”

Police called on striking Tower Hamlets workers?

As Tower Hamlets council workers begin a three-day strike to resist mass sackings, reports are coming in suggesting bosses from the Labour-run council have called the police on one of the picket lines. This disgraceful action seems to have been a response to bin workers in Unite refusing to cross the Unison picket line, anContinue reading “Police called on striking Tower Hamlets workers?”

Labour Party members: vote for this policy submission!

Free Our Unions is encouraging supporters who are members of the Labour Party to vote for this submission to its Policy Forum. Please share the link in your local Labour Party and union networks. https://www.policyforum.labour.org.uk/commissions/repeal-all-anti-union-laws Although successive Labour Party conferences have passed policy calling for the repeal of all anti-union laws, Labour leadership figures routinelyContinue reading “Labour Party members: vote for this policy submission!”