We Make Tomorrow conference, 20 May

Free Our Unions has worked extensively to draw links between the fight against anti-strike laws and the fight for climate justice. We have collaborated with networks in the climate movement such as Earth Strike UK, via the “Empower the Unions” initiative. We’re therefore pleased to promote the We Make Tomorrow conference, organised by the TradeContinue reading “We Make Tomorrow conference, 20 May”

Firefighters’ union calls for national demonstration and emergency TUC Congress to fight anti-strike bill: what next?

The call from the national Executive Council of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for new and escalated mobilisation to stop the government’s Minimum Service Levels (MSL) anti-strike bill is extremely welcome.

Scottish TUC to debate motions on fighting anti-strike laws

The upcoming congress of the Scottish TUC, which takes place from 17-19 April, will see delegates debate several motions on fighting anti-strike laws. These correctly call for the labour movement to fight for the repeal of all anti-union and anti-strike laws, and acknowledge the failure of 13 years of Labour government to make any dentContinue reading “Scottish TUC to debate motions on fighting anti-strike laws”

The Tories are clear about their anti-strike bill

The government has issued a response to the online petition against their proposed new anti-strike laws. The article, which is online here and reproduced below, gives some important insights into their thinking. Most of the emphasis is on “ensuring that services vital for the British people’s lives and livelihoods […] maintain a basic function.” TheContinue reading “The Tories are clear about their anti-strike bill”

Online meeting, 7pm, 27 February: solidarity strikes with NHS workers

An online public meeting, organised by Free Our Unions and NHS Workers Say No 7pm, Monday 27 February Log in via Zoom here. During the great NHS strikes of 1982 and 1988, hundreds of thousands of non-health workers – steel workers, postal workers, teachers, car workers, council workers, firefighters and many others – went onContinue reading “Online meeting, 7pm, 27 February: solidarity strikes with NHS workers”