Empower the Unions workshop at Extinction Rebellion: How Workers Can Fight Climate Change, Friday 27 August, 1pm

Empower the Unions, the new initiative launched by Earth Strike UK and supported by Free Our Unions, is holding a workshop at Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing protests in central London.

The workshop, entitled “How Workers Can Fight Climate Change”, will take place on Friday 27 August at 13:00. It is currently scheduled to take place near the Bank of England, but as the ExR protests are mobile, this may change. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for up-to-date details.

As floods and fires devastate large areas of the world, the urgency of tackling climate change has never been clearer. Yet emissions continue to rise higher year after year.

How can we win the change we need? What role can workers and unions play? What historic examples can we look to for inspiration? Come to our meeting this Friday, 1pm, at the “Fight Climate Change, Organise at Work” stall by the Bank of England occupation, for a meeting on these questions — with plenty of time for discussion!

Speaker: Tyrone Falls, National Education Union activist

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