Free Our Unions @ #Lab21: conference reaffirms opposition to all anti-union laws

Free Our Unions supporters have been active at the Labour Party’s ongoing annual conference, building support for motions which aim to reaffirm Labour’s opposition to all anti-union and anti-strike laws.

The Socialist Green New Deal motion the conference passed includes the following text: “Resolves to support… Repealing all anti-trade union laws so workers can freely take industrial action over wider social and political  issues, for industrial action to ensure action on climate change.”

The “End Fire and Rehire” composite passed by the conference called for “the repeal of all anti-Trade Union laws”, and, noting that “TUC Congress 2020 agreed to organise a special conference on opposing the antiunion laws and a national demonstration, resolved to “encourage CLPs to support and get involved in these when they become possible.” The full text of the composite is available here.

We’re thrilled with the support we’re receiving from activists across the movement!

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