Pushing workers’ rights up the agenda: Labour Left Internationalists meeting, 5pm, 19 February

UCU activist Rhian Keyse will be speaking on behalf of Free Our Unions at a meeting on 19 February, organised by Labour Left Internationalists (LLI).

LLI write:

Unite, RMT, CWU, and the TUC passed resolutions in 2021 calling for a joint union demonstration for workers’ and union rights in spring 2022. Since then NHS workers, local government workers, and teachers have all run up against the impositions of the Trade Union Act 2016 when pushing for industrial action on pay. Labour has repeatedly-reaffirmed conference policy to repeal all anti-union laws, including the Thatcher-era ones, but failed to include that even in the 2019 manifesto. In 2021 Labour published a “Green Paper”, “New Deal for Working People”, focused on reinstating collective bargaining with unions across the economy and including many important demands, but Keir Starmer has been quiet about that too. We’ll discuss how Labour and union activists can work together to push workers’ rights up the agenda.

The meeting begins at 5pm. Log in via Zoom here.

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