We Make Tomorrow conference, 20 May

We Make Tomorrow conference, 20 May

Free Our Unions has worked extensively to draw links between the fight against anti-strike laws and the fight for climate justice. We have collaborated with networks in the climate movement such as Earth Strike UK, via the “Empower the Unions” initiative.

We’re therefore pleased to promote the We Make Tomorrow conference, organised by the Trade Union Caucus of the Climate Justice Coalition, which takes place in Manchester on 20 May:

“We Make Tomorrow is a one day conference for building workers’ power on climate and crisis. The conference will dig into how rising energy prices, inflation, falling wages and the climate crisis are not only connected but actually being driven by the same systems. 

“Organised by the Trade Union Caucus of the Climate Justice Coalition, the conference brings together workers in key sectors with trade union officials, climate justice activists and scientists, providing an honest and open space to discuss the urgently needed strategies and tactics to build a tomorrow that works for the majority and not the billionaires. ​

Register today to get involved and join the discussion on how we make concrete plans to build power in our workplaces and communities so that we can stop paying the price for the crimes of the billionaires and ultimately how we can retake control of an economy that is destroying people and the planet.”

Check out the conference website here.

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