Free Our Unions online forum, 24 June, 6:30pm

Workers’ action in the pandemic: organising against and around the anti-union laws

An online forum organised by Free Our Unions 

Wednesday 24 June, 18:30-20:30. Log in via Zoom here.

Facebook event here.

Britain’s anti-union legislation exists to prevent workers taking swift and effective action. Workers’ action during the pandemic has either simply ignored that legislation, or taken the form of refusals-to-work under health and safety legislation, legally distinct from “industrial action”. In the background is the Tories’ ongoing plan to bring forward new legislation imposing a “minimum service requirement” during transport strikes, effectively outlawing all-out strikes by transport workers.

This panel, organised by Free Our Unions, the grassroots campaign against anti-union laws, brings together worker activists from a range of industries to discuss how they have confronted, and/or been hampered by, anti-union legislation in their recent and ongoing struggles.

Speakers include:

Alex Marshall, TDL courier and chair of the IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch

Marie Harrington, London Underground worker and RMT rep; chair of the RMT’s National Women’s Advisory Committee

Gregor Gall, industrial relations professor and labour movement activist

More tbc, including school workers and NEU activists.


Riccardo La Torre, firefighter and FBU activist

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