Know your enemy!

A discussion paper written by right-wing lobbyist Nicholas Finney arguing for further restrictions on strikes, and discussing how these restrictions could work, has been uploaded to the Academia website.

Although the paper is undated, and appears to be unfinished, it has clearly been written in the last few years, since the imposition of the 2016 Trade Union Act.

Free Our Unions encourages supporters to read the paper. It’s always worth knowing how the other side is thinking. Although Finney is not a politician, civil servant, or Tory official, his paper gives some insight into considerations the Tories are likely to be making with regards to their manifesto commitment to introduce “minimum service requirements” to restrict transport workers’ strike.

Finney is an arch-Thatcherite, and the former director of the National Association of Port Employers. In this capacity he led campaigning to scrap the Dock Labour Scheme, which enshrined certain workplace and union rights for dockers.

The paper can also be directly downloaded here (NB: clicking the link will download a .doc file to your computer).

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