Online meeting, Tuesday 18 May, 6:30pm: Disabled people for free trade unions

Tuesday 18 May, 6:30pm
Log in via Zoom here.

Britain’s anti-trade-union legislation makes it harder for unions to fight for the rights of disabled workers and disabled people more generally.

They require unions to follow inaccessible voting procedures. They put hurdles in the way of striking for disabled people’s rights. They restrict unions’ campaigning on social and political issues affecting disabled people.

In effect, the strongest potential ally of the disabled people’s movement is tied up in legal chains. In an age of Universal Credit and Covid deaths, and with disabled people’s employment and pay rates significantly and shamefully lower than average, we need free trade unions as part of this fight.

How does Britain’s trade union legislation negatively impact on disabled people? What can we do about it? Disabled trade unionists from three unions in the forefront of struggling for our rights explain the issues, and invite you to join the discussion on organising the fightback.

Meeting ID: 898 3437 3859
Passcode: 940264

Elane Heffernan, University and College Union
Mario Kyriacou, Tower Hamlets Unison

Chaired by:
David King, Chair, RMT Disabled Members Advisory Committee

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