Motion to Unite policy conference 2023

The Glasgow Not for Profit Sector branch of Unite has passed the following motion, for submission to Unite’s 2023 policy conference. If you’re a member of Unite, please consider proposing a similar motion in your branch.

Conference re-affirms its policy of opposition to all anti-union laws, as adopted at the 2021 Policy Conference: to campaign for the repeal of all anti-union laws; to defy the anti-union laws through organised action if necessary; to rally to the aid of any union targeted by the anti-union laws; to take the lead in campaigning for the repeal of all anti-union laws if the TUC fails to initiate such a campaign.

Conference notes with concern the lack of progress in implementing the policy agreed at the 2021 conference, especially given threats of further anti-union laws by the Tories and the impact of the anti-union laws on strike action in response to the cost-of-living crisis, e.g. strikes prevented by the 50% threshold or called off because of threats of legal challenges.

Conference therefore resolves to instruct the national Executive Committee to:

  • ensure that campaigning against the anti-union laws is an item on the agenda of every
    meeting of the national Executive Committee.
  • ensure that Unite produces hard-copy and online educational materials explaining the need for the repeal of all anti-union laws and explaining Unite policy on this issue, for circulation to all members.
  • encourage campaigning against the anti-union laws by all levels of our union, from national Executive Council to local branches.
  • approach other unions with similar policies on the anti-union laws with a view to holding a national demonstration for the repeal of, and defiance of, all anti-union laws.
  • use its position as Labour’s biggest trade union affiliate to campaign for Labour Party
    conference to re-affirm existing policy for the repeal of all anti-union laws and for inclusion of this policy in the next Labour general election manifesto, and to seek to work with other Labour-affiliated unions to achieve these goals.

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