Momentum Policy Primary motion calls for repeal of all anti-union laws

Momentum, the left-wing organisation in the Labour Party, is conducting its second annual policy primary, to determine which motions Momentum will encourage members to submit to CLPs for submission to Labour conference. The Fire Brigades Union and North Essex Momentum have submitted the motion below, reaffirming previous conference policy calling for the repeal of allContinue reading “Momentum Policy Primary motion calls for repeal of all anti-union laws”

“Liberal” MLAs block repeal of laws restricting workers’ freedoms

Disappointing news from Stormont, where socialist MLA Gerry Carroll’s Trade Union Freedom Bill fell on 1 March by just five votes. The bill would have repealed Tory anti-union and anti-strike laws in Northern Ireland. Had Alliance Party MLAs backed it, it would have passed. Alliance claims to be a “liberal” party, but its MLAs appearContinue reading ““Liberal” MLAs block repeal of laws restricting workers’ freedoms”

Yes, we want a bonfire of the anti-union laws!

Published 27th July 2019. By Riccardo la Torre (FBU) and Becky Crocker (RMT) The 26 July edition of the Morning Star (newspaper of the Communist Party of Britain) contained a full-page article attacking the Free Our Unions campaign, by Unite activist Andy Green.