Yes, we need to strike for each other

This article, by Gregor Gall, was originally published on Jacobin in November 2019. Find it here. In 1980s Britain, miners went on strike in support of nurses’ pay claims, throwing their industrial muscle behind under-pressure hospital staff. After decades of harsh anti-union laws, Labour’s manifesto promises a way to rebuild this culture of solidarity.

Labour’s manifesto and the right to strike: a welcome step forward, more to fight for

Published 23rd November 2019. In the general election, Free Our Unions is working to kick out the Tories and win a government led by Jeremy Corbyn. In the words of a Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack, a Labour government can “deliver a shift in power away from wealthy elites and towards workers. The ToriesContinue reading “Labour’s manifesto and the right to strike: a welcome step forward, more to fight for”

Royal Mail’s anti-strike injunction is an affront to democracy

Published 13th November 2019. The High Court injunction granted to Royal Mail to prevent postal workers from striking, despite their overwhelming vote to do so, highlights the profoundly undemocratic nature of Britain’s anti-trade union laws, and the urgent need for the whole labour movement to renew our fight for their abolition – including by demanding that theContinue reading “Royal Mail’s anti-strike injunction is an affront to democracy”

What’s in the Institute of Employment Rights manifestos and what does Labour say about them?

Published in November 2018 John McDonnell has said in several recent interviews that one of a Corbyn government’s priorities in its first hundred days will be to “restore” trade union rights. What rights are we talking about?

John McDonnell’s TUC speech and the right to strike

Published on 11th September 2018 John McDonnell’s speech to the TUC on workers’ rights comes in the context of new figures showing falling unemployment and rising real earnings. But higher employment does not automatically mean better conditions and rights for workers; and the marginal increase in real wages comes after a decade of the most severe fallContinue reading “John McDonnell’s TUC speech and the right to strike”

Trade union rights – back John McDonnell’s call

By Sam Greenwood, Wakefield Local Government UNISON activist Speaking at a meeting on the first hundred days of a Labour government at Unison conference this week, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said that a Corbyn government will repeal all the Tories’ anti-union laws and enact positive legislation for workers’ rights. He also said Labour would back all strikes,Continue reading “Trade union rights – back John McDonnell’s call”

If Jeremy Corbyn wants a mass movement, he must radically revive the unions

By Michael Chessum, orginally published in The New Statesman, 5th January 2018 The world, especially the political world, is a volatile place these days, and one ought to be wary of omens. But when McDonalds announced this week that it would award its employees their biggest pay rise in a decade, you could be forgiven for havingContinue reading “If Jeremy Corbyn wants a mass movement, he must radically revive the unions”