Free Our Unions public meeting, Tuesday 2 March, 6:30pm


Tuesday 2 March, 6:30pm-8pm

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How have recent and ongoing workers’ struggles confronted restrictive anti-strike and anti-union legislation, and what effect would it have on those struggles if those restrictions were removed?

We’ll hear from speakers involved in disputes and campaigns about how they’ve dealt with these issues, and how the labour movement can step up our fight for a real right to strike and organise.


Gerry Carroll MLA will discuss his “Trade Union Freedom Bill” in the Stormont Assembly, which aims to repeal Thatcherite anti-union laws in the north of Ireland.

Mark Porter, Unite convenor at the Rolls Royce plant in Barnoldswick, will discuss the recent “Battle for Barnoldswick”, sustained strikes which succeeded in staving off job cuts, and will discuss how the campaign dealt with the challenges posed by anti-union laws.

Michelle Rodgers, National President of the RMT union, will discuss the Tories’ proposed laws which will mandate “minimum service requirements” during transport workers’ strikes.

Also invited:

A striker from the Sage care home in north London, where the United Voices of the World union is navigating laws on union recognition which are weighted in favour of employers.

Log in via Zoom here.

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