As Tories threaten new anti-union laws, build solidarity for a summer of strikes!

With the RMT’s strikes on the national rail and London Underground leading the way for what will hopefully become a summer of strikes, the labour movement must build solidarity for all workers’ struggles – and mobilise to resist the threat of new anti-union laws.

The Tories have already responded to the RMT strikes by rushing through legislation to allow employers to use agency workers to break strikes, and by saying they’ll accelerate the implementation of the “minimum service” laws they promised in their 2019 manifesto.

Multiple unions have passed policy to campaign actively against anti-strike laws, with several having committed to organising demonstrations. Those demonstrations should take place locally wherever they can be organised, in solidarity with unions in dispute, and opposing the threat of new laws.

A campaign of local and national protests can help build up the confidence and courage we’ll need to defy the laws if they’re imposed.

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