Momentum NCG candidates pledge

Momentum, the left-wing network in the Labour Party, is about to hold elections for its National Coordinating Group (NCG).

Free Our Unions has worked with Momentum before, collaborating with the Fire Brigades Union in 2021 to submit a motion to Momentum’s Policy Primary.

This year, we’re asking NCG candidates to commit to promoting strikes, and actively campaigning against anti-strike laws, and mobilising Momentum to do likewise. The pledge card is below; we’ll be contacting individual candidates electronically in the coming days.


The NCG elections concluded on 6 July. Thanks for the following candidates for backing our pledge:

Rochelle Charlton-Lainé (ELECTED)
Lorcan Whitehead (ELECTED)
Sonali Bhattacharyya (ELECTED)
Maisie Sanders
Abel Harvie-Clarke
Andy Warren
Si Oldham

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