RMT Bakerloo branch calls for a national demo: pass a motion in your branch!

The Bakerloo line branch of the RMT union has passed a resolution calling for their national union to call a Saturday demonstration against the threat of new anti-strike laws. The text of their resolution is below, followed by a more general motion for wider use.

Please consider submitting it in your union branch.

This branch notes the ongoing strike wave, and the Tories’ plans to impose new anti-union laws in response. This branch further notes historic RMT AGM policy to call a national demonstration against anti-union laws.

This branch believes the protest called by RMT on 16 January was a good start, and must be followed up with further action, including a national demonstration.

This branch therefore calls for the RMT to organise a Saturday national demonstration against anti-strike laws, taking place no later than 19 June 2023 (the anniversary of the start of our union’s strikes on national rail), with the following demands in line with union policy:

– No to new anti-strike laws
– Repeal all existing anti-strike and anti-union legislation
– For a full right to organise and strike
– Solidarity with all striking workers

This branch believes the demonstration should be co-organised with as wide a coalition of other unions as possible, but by RMT directly if necessary.

1. The seriousness of the Transport Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill, which would ban all-out strikes in a range of important sectors (not just transport).
2. That this comes on top of over a dozen anti-strike and anti-union laws passed since 1980.

Further Notes:
1. Demonstrations called by the RMT at Downing Street on 16 and 30 January.
2. The national day of action called by the TUC against the anti-strike laws on 1 February, in parallel with a mass strike of over 500,000 workers across multiple industries.

1. The labour movement must organise specific campaigning, at local and national level, against the Bill. An assertive campaign, conducted in parallel with and through the ongoing strike wave, could force the Tories to back down. And, even if the Bill is implemented, we will be in a stronger position to resist and defy its restrictions if we have spent the period prior to implementation organising active opposition to it.
2. This must include an urgent national demonstration specifically on this issue, in London, on a Saturday, with a serious attempt to mobilise at least tens of thousands.

1. To discuss what action we can take locally, by ourselves and working with other unions.
2. To call on our union to call a national demonstration to stop the anti-strike Bill, in London, on a Saturday, soon, working with other unions as much as possible.
3. To call for, and push for our union and the whole movement to call for, repeal of all the anti-union laws.

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