Online meeting, 7pm, 27 February: solidarity strikes with NHS workers

An online public meeting, organised by Free Our Unions and NHS Workers Say No

7pm, Monday 27 February

Log in via Zoom here.

During the great NHS strikes of 1982 and 1988, hundreds of thousands of non-health workers – steel workers, postal workers, teachers, car workers, council workers, firefighters and many others – went on strike to support NHS workers’ demands. But in 1990 the Tories banned such solidarity action – and the tradition of it has faded.

Today, when strikes are on the rise, including in the NHS, and there is vast public support for health workers, could we see such action again? Is it possible given the anti-union laws? How can we get round those laws, and fight to overturn them?

What can we learn from the tremendous solidarity strikes of 1982 and 1988 and the longer tradition of such action – and are there any practical implications for our struggles now?

• Pete Radcliff, who as a steel worker organised / took part in NHS solidarity strikes in 1982
• Holly Johnston, NHS Workers Say No

Facebook event here

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