“Young workers turned up for us – we must turn up for them”

The following speech was delivered by Maria Bagnall, delegate from Charnwood CLP in Leicestershire, at Labour Party conference. The motion she was supporting established clear Labour policy for supporting workers’ struggles, for repeal of all anti-trade union laws and for positive legal rights for workers and their unions.

Tamworth CLP submits conference resolution on McDonald’s strike and union rights

On the same day that McDonald’s workers in Crayford and Cambridge made history by going on strike, demonstrating the power of workers getting together and organising, it was an honor to propose to my CLP, in Tamworth, that it send a contemporary resolution to conference supporting the strike (see below). It also talks about otherContinue reading “Tamworth CLP submits conference resolution on McDonald’s strike and union rights”

Solidarity strikes and Labour democracy

Labour Party conference 2015 voted unanimously for a motion that committed the next Labour government to “legislate for strong rights to unionise, win recognition and collective bargaining, strike, picket and take solidarity action”, on the basis of a motion promoted by the Right to Strike campaign formed to fight the Trade Union Bill (now Act) and all anti-unionContinue reading “Solidarity strikes and Labour democracy”