Disabled workers and the anti-union laws

Published 3rd June 2019. At the recent TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference, civil service union PCS submitted a motion about electronic balloting for industrial disputes, with the RMT adding text, calling for campaigning to repeal all anti-trade union laws. Janine Booth, who was a member of the RMT delegation, explains why this is crucial for theContinue reading “Disabled workers and the anti-union laws”

Firefighters call for a Socialist Green New Deal

By Riccardo la Torre, Eastern Region FBU Secretary. Published 18th May 2019. The 2019 Fire Brigades Union conference has voted for a strong emergency motion of solidarity with the recent movements in response to the climate crisis and for a radical ‘Socialist Green New Deal’, in Britain and internationally.

“We restate our determination, and call on Corbyn’s leadership to make a clear commitment”

The Free Our Unions campaign began with the statement passed by the 2018 AGM of Lambeth local government Unison. At their February 2019 AGM Lambeth Unison reaffirmed their support for the campaign.

Corbynism and the drought of workers’ struggles

Published 3rd April 2019 Despite some important developments in workplace struggle, and despite the political framework of the growth of the Labour Left, strikes are at a historic low and trade unions face a historic crisis. Professor Gregor Gall, an affiliated research associate at the University of Glasgow and Visiting Professor at the University ofContinue reading “Corbynism and the drought of workers’ struggles”